Karthik is well-versed in the business of creativity and creativity in business. When not leading the team, you will find him working out ways how not to get manipulated by his cats.​​​​​​​

A creative director par excellence, Michael is the agency's magician when it comes to anything art and design. In his trademark calm demeanour, he will quietly transform a creative brief into a piece of art.

He is an adjective, adjective and adjective. When Melvin is not eating or drinking, he can also adverb. He doesn't like to be put in a box and has an eye on everything that is done in the agency. If someone comes to deliver food, there is a 99% probability that it is his order.

Hemant Rathod 

Finance Heads are known to be serious. Not Hemant. Always up for a fun chat, jokes and impromptu leg-pulling sessions. A wizard when it comes to numbers and the business-related areas at Underdog. There's a rumour that his spectacles have magical powers.

Deepti Parekh

Deepti Parekh

Deepti enjoys writing and solving brand problems with creativity. Her goal in life is to wipe out the phrase 'post copies' from the face of the earth.

Kamlakar Budhkar 

Kamlakar doesn't just grasp the creative direction well. He also has a knack for making the idea better, often coming up with yet another good idea. He's never afraid to ask thoughtful questions, before he puts pencil to paper. Outside of work, his creativity extends to short films and gardening.

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